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Archive for March 2017

New novella available – No Ordinary Fairy

Good morning everyone! I recently decided to self-publish a novella that is in the same world as the Elementals but outside of their storyline. I am happy to report that it is now available online as an ebook on various platforms and in paperback on Amazon. It is the first in a shifter series and…

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What the future holds

I signed the reversion document for my Samhain books on Saturday. I will shortly have news about re-publishing Fire Danger and also how I am going to move forward on Air Attack. Samhain had so many pieces in motion for the second Elementals book that it makes me sad to think of what might have…

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Samhain officially closed down

Hi, all: Samhain Publishing ceased operations as of 2/28/17. As of today my book Fire Danger is only available in used paperback copies. It was a blow, but not completely unexpected. Samhain had almost shut down in 2016 but had pulled out of that slump, only to fall victim to it once again.  When it…

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