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Archive for December 2018

End of year wrap-up for 2018

Every year it seems that January comes in and we all are marveling at a fresh new year and then I blink and the year has shot past. This year is no different. Where did the year go? For the last several years I have been participating in a gratitude list with some of my…

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Ugly sweaters, Christmas and publishing news

It seems as though the ugly sweater phenomenon has gained steam in recent years. Every time I turn around there is an ugly sweater contest. Within my company itself I can think of at least three, including one within our smaller team. It’s actually great fun. I found an ugly sweater, or what I thought…

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Making your career a priority

Every month I do a short piece for the Los Angeles Romance Authors newsletter in my capacity as their president. This was November’s. Enjoy! There was a point in my life several years ago where I wasn’t writing. I had won a contest, submitted my stories to Harlequin, and quickly got the boot. I got…

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