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Archive for November 2017

Fun with science fiction conventions

I went to my first science fiction convention when I was fifteen years old. There was a bookstore in the outskirts of Harvard Square in Cambridge, Massachusetts called “The Science Fantasy Bookstore” that my brother and I discovered and it was the proprietor of that store, a gentleman by the name of “Spike” who recommended…

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Computer drive failure

Anyone who read my newsletter knows my old computer died. As in one day it was running slow and the next minute I had a scary error about not being able to boot up or something…it was dead. No longer pining for the fjords, it had joined the choir and vestibule (ten points for anyone…

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Air Attack release!

Tomorrow is the big day. It’s the official release day for Air Attack, the second in the Elementals’ Challenge series. To say I’m excited would be an understatement. A little about the series and the trip it’s been on. When I started writing the story that eventually became Fire Danger ten years ago I…

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