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Archive for May 2019

Souls & Shadows box set snippets – Julie Kramer

Here is the second of the snippets from the upcoming box set, Souls & Shadows, which will be released on July 16th, that includes my full-length novel The Mormo’s Protection. This is by the talented Julie Kramer. Excerpt from Julie Kramer’s of Curses and Scandals, featured exclusively in Souls & Shadows.   Being a teenage…

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Souls & Shadows box set snippets – Adrienne Blake

Hi, all! As we lead up to the release of the box set Souls & Shadows, which features a brand new story by me called The Mormo’s Protection, I am going to be posting the author and character information as we put it up online. Here is the first one, by the talented Adrienne Blake. Enjoy! Excerpt…

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The different faces of people

I read something the other day that everyone sees a version of you—and none of them are reality. It got me to thinking about people’s perceptions against your own. I am the only one who knows everything there is to know about me: the way I think, why I act the way I do, what…

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