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Archive for March 2018

A bit of history

Recently there was a story that broke in the indie publishing world about a cover artist who was accused of stealing art for her work. The upshot is that an online group of people sent private messages to this cover artist, called her awful swear words and suggested that she kill herself. Which she then…

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Wouldn't you like to have a catfish too?

Recently a story has come out in the male/male romance world about an author who was supposed to be a bisexual single dad who, if the reports are to be believed, turned out to be a catfishing woman. I admit I don’t know the whole story yet but from what I do know it’s gotten…

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Week long Smashwords promo!

Smashwords is running a promotion this week on all things romance. If you have wanted to read some of my shorter works, now is a great time to do it. Both Los Angeles Romance Authors and Roane Publishing are taking part. You can get my fantasy contemporary romances for 50% off. Below are the coupon…

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