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Archive for November 2014


Hi, all!  I wrote this for the Los Angeles Romance Authors November newsletter and wanted to share it with all of you.  Enjoy! Claire   Gratitude. I am part of an email group of people who post a daily list of things that they are grateful for. Sometimes it’s small stuff – such as finding…

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Radio interview

Hi, all: Here is a link to a very fun radio interview I did yesterday with Bernadette Walsh, who has a blog called “Nice Girls Reading Naughty Books” on  Enjoy!–claire-davon

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Come join me on Thursday

I have the opportunity to be on a radio blog this coming Thursday (Novembe4 13th) at 6:30 PM Pacific/9:30 PM Eastern.  Join me!–claire-davon

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Email spam

Who is Adriana and why does she want to meet me? Do you ever wonder about the spam you get? I get certain persistent pieces of spam and I wonder what they are trying to accomplish – besides phishing for my information, of course.  What happens if someone is foolish enough to reply? Example #1.…

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