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Archive for May 2018

Who knew I'd be interested in the royal wedding?

I don’t write books about royals. These days the only contemporary stories I write are my sweet novellas for Roane Publishing. So it came as a surprise to me that I got swept up in Harry and Meghan fever. I didn’t expect it. At first I noticed it in passing as Harry and Meghan became…

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What's in a name?

Recently there has been a lot of activity around an author’s (for the moment) successful attempt to trademark a common word in romance fiction. The word—cocky—is used in many romances to denote a type of brash, arrogant hero who has the world by the tail and knows it. It’s not my preferred type of romance…

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California traffic

Saturday Night Live used to have a sketch called “The Californians” where the people interacted by sharing their various routes to get either to where they currently were or where they needed to go. Guess what? That actually happens. From where I live to where I work is twelve miles. It usually takes me an…

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