New Lyrical Interludes release and a blog tour!

Hi, all:

I am pleased to say that the second in my Lyrical Interludes loosely-linked series will be released on May 11th. This one is called Overture, and takes place at the same time as the first novel (Reprise). It follows Ally Wilson, who was first seen in Reprise, and the new VP at her music company.  Blurb is below.


Ally Wilson should have been a slam dunk for VP until transplanted marketing executive Dirk Roberts takes what’s rightfully hers. A dubious reputation dogs Dirk, and her boss wants her to keep an eye on him. One look from Dirk’s searing sensual gaze and her world shifts.

Dirk never intended to be in Los Angeles, but a shattered reputation forced him to take desperate measures. He wants to repair his name and get out of the sprawling city. Ally’s haunting curves and undeniable appeal won’t change that, much as he yearns for her.

Their coming together is inevitable, as is the waiting disaster if their relationship becomes known. Can two damaged souls find happiness—or will their pasts destroy them?

To support this release, Silver Dagger Tours is doing a month-long blog tour starting on May 11th. I’ll update this post when I have a link.

I hope you enjoy the tale of Ally and Dirk as much as I enjoyed writing it!



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