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Archive for January 2017

It’s raining in Los Angeles

It’s Sunday and it’s raining. That may not seem that odd to most of the country, but I live in Los Angeles, the land of perpetual sunshine. But when it rains…man it pours. Right now my backyard looks like a small lake, which always happens in heavy rains. It got me to thinking about weather…

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My backstory, your backstory, everyone has a backstory

I’ve been going to the same hairdresser for thirty years. It’s one of those relationships that has stood the test of time, in its way, through many ups and downs. She has always been a constant and although there were times when I wasn’t sure I wanted to continue with her, I stayed. Now I…

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Adventures in short stories

Here we are in the New Year, and for blog #2 (check me out sticking to my New Year’s resolutions) I’m going to talk a little bit about short stories. For anyone visiting my website you will see a great many short story selections on that tab. That is a moving target. I placed a…

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2017 and a recap of 2016

Hello and welcome to my first blog of 2017. I hope everyone had a nice New Years and have so far stuck to their resolutions. Blogging more is one of mine, so here goes! 2016 was a remarkable year for me. It saw the release of my full-length novel Fire Danger, the first in my…

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