Looking for a sweet Christmas story?

I’ve got a short and sweet one for you! Wild Rose Press released Peanut Blossoms and the Matchmaking Kitten, part of their Christmas Cookies series, on November 2nd. If you like sweet romance, Christmas, cookies and a scamp of a kitten, this is for you!



Oriana’s first Christmas away from her family promises to be a lonely one—until a two-pound bundle of kitten trouble shows up! When the kitten’s owner, her neighbor Jet, takes Oriana under his wing, she tries to tell herself that he would do this for anyone, but she can’t help but hope for more.
Will she find her Christmas miracle at the paws of a mischievous kitten? Or will the holiday be as lonely as she anticipated? She expects the latter but wishes for the former. Anything is possible at Christmas.


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