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Archive for September 2014


My next door neighbor, a woman in her 80s, recently was forced to move out of her long-time home and into assisted living. In doing so, she had to leave behind a semi-feral kitty who had adopted her as her person.  Before the house was sold, her sister-in-law asked me if I would look after…

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Conquering Fear

This blog was originally published in the LARA (Los Angeles Romance Authors) September, 2014 newsletter.  I am re-publishing it here. Conquering Fear I self-published my first novel on Amazon in early 2012.  My brother had just published his first ebook, and he more or less dared me to do the same.  I did it quietly,…

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Shooting stars

I saw a shooting star this morning. A film editor friend of mine once told me that he couldn’t enjoy watching movies anymore because he “knew all the tricks.”  It spoiled the experience for him, made him not be able to suspend disbelief.  I know, intellectually, that a shooting star is nothing more than debris, whether space…

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