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Archive for August 2014

The Value of a Lemon

What is the value of a lemon? Yesterday I was out at a business lunch and my co-worker asked for a wedge of lemon to flavor her tea.  They brought six.  She could only use one, at most two, of those slices and the restaurant would probably throw the rest away. It got my mind…

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Musings on research

In 1977 I was obsessed with Casey Kasem’s American Top 40 countdown, keeping religious track of the songs as they moved up and down the chart.  I made lists of the songs.  I kept track of their movement week to week. Imagine my surprise when a song was skipped.  The first week I thought it…

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Persistence.  As I continue on this journey of creativity and inspiration, I discover increasingly that success in life is more about persistence, and less about so-called luck. In 2007, I won my first contest with the first chapter of what eventually became my novel, “Sense of Adventure.” For me, the most exciting part of the…

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A single pink rose

For a time there was a single long-stemmed pink rose sitting in a vase in my living room. Why is this important?  It’s not because I generally don’t have flowers in my house, since they get eaten by my cats.  It’s because this rose was given to me by LARA, aka Los Angeles Romance Authors,…

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