2017 and a recap of 2016

Hello and welcome to my first blog of 2017. I hope everyone had a nice New Years and have so far stuck to their resolutions. Blogging more is one of mine, so here goes!

2016 was a remarkable year for me. It saw the release of my full-length novel Fire Danger, the first in my Elementals Challenge series.  In addition, eighteen short stories or novelettes were accepted for publication. Many were released in 2016, but some will be released in 2017. Each one of those acceptances was amazing and gave me confidence each time that I was on the right path. Some paid, some didn’t, some were royalty payments for which I am still receiving statements. Each one was a small miracle. I hope for many more in the upcoming year.

2017 will see the March 15 release of Air Attack, the second in the Elementals’ Challenge series. I am very excited that Samhain will release this novel as well and hope that the last three will also see a Samhain release. What this means is that I’ve got to get to work revising Ondine’s story (currently called Water Fall) as I have it on good authority that some are waiting anxiously to know what happens to the newest Elemental.

I have other series in the works as well. I have a delightful fairy novella that is the first in a Shifter War series that I will likely self-publish this year. I also have what I call an “X-men” style series that I am working on revising. I’ve also got some contemporary stories that are begging to see print so I will be spending some time figuring out how to position those.

In addition, I am going to re-cover my early self-publishing novels and release them to print-on-demand. And as always I will be writing short stories in all the genres. I hope that you enjoy reading those forays into horror, science fiction and fantasy as much as I enjoy writing them.

I will be working on a newsletter and have taken some pains to up my social media presence so you will be seeing more of me! If there’s anything you want to see or want to know, please feel free to reach out. I always enjoy hearing what others think.

Until next time. Here’s to a great 2017!

Claire Davon

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