Souls & Shadows box set snippets – Julie Kramer

Here is the second of the snippets from the upcoming box set, Souls & Shadows, which will be released on July 16th, that includes my full-length novel The Mormo’s Protection. This is by the talented Julie Kramer.

Excerpt from Julie Kramer’s of Curses and Scandals, featured exclusively in Souls & Shadows.
Being a teenage sorceress is hard, especially when you work with the police.
“This is a Hunger.” He showed us a tiny mechanical snake, no bigger than my index finger and carved with runes.
My magic shook its head, and I pressed my back against the pillar, the ropes straining as I shifted as far away as I could. I didn’t want that thing anywhere near me. Something about it was extremely sinister; the runes whispered of blood, betrayal, and pain.
He continued. “It burrows under your skin and drains your magic, to be stored for later use. If it stays in long enough, your magic won’t regenerate.”

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