Souls & Shadows box set snippets – Adrienne Blake

Hi, all!

As we lead up to the release of the box set Souls & Shadows, which features a brand new story by me called The Mormo’s Protection, I am going to be posting the author and character information as we put it up online. Here is the first one, by the talented Adrienne Blake. Enjoy!

Excerpt from Adrienne Blake’s The Necromancers Curse, featured exclusively in Souls & Shadows

Out there is a tome that could save her. Or destroy her.

The fierce, yellow eyes of the attacking wolf locked onto mine. He hesitated for the briefest moment, and then I knew—he was ready to end this. 
The great beast finally released me, confident in his prize. He paused to take his time. Circling, he watched as I writhed on the ground, yellow eyes narrow and calculating as he reviewed his prey and the damage he’d caused.
He pounced, and my howl formed at last, only to be put out like a kicked bitch as my assailant’s jaws locked onto my throat.

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