Air Attack release!

Tomorrow is the big day. It’s the official release day for Air Attack, the second in the Elementals’ Challenge series. To say I’m excited would be an understatement.

A little about the series and the trip it’s been on. When I started writing the story that eventually became Fire Danger ten years ago I had no way of knowing what it would become. To be sure I knew I had four Elementals (well, kinda five if you’ve read the series you know that Sphynx is two people who are collectively the earth Elemental) and I knew that each of them had a love story to tell but I had no way of knowing what the series would become.

The funny truth is that ten years ago I pictured all four of the Elementals as guys and at the time hadn’t envisioned Sphynx as a couple who had their own challenges. Sphynx was the big omnipotent all-knowing leader, Ondine, the water Elemental, was Hippocampus (may he rest in peace). Phoenix and Griffin pretty much stayed the same, but the context around them changed.

I’m glad that I didn’t finish the series back when I started it almost exactly ten years ago. When I stalled on what would become Fire Danger and put it aside I wasn’t sure how I would solve my plot issue. In the interim years I believe I grew as a writer and the stories became richer for that growth. I am glad that I added Ondine as a character. I believe her recent humanity and her uncertainty in the realm of the Elementals allows us as readers (and writers!) to see the characters through more human eyes and appreciate their struggles that much more.

I have chosen to release the remaining series via self-publishing, starting with Air Attack. The second in this series was picked up but Samhain and I was two weeks away from release when we got word that the publisher was closing. I am very sad that we could not see this series through but I am grateful for Samhain’s original belief in the series. Out of that experience I got a fabulous editor (waves to Jennifer Miller) and amazing covers (kudos to KaNaXa). Keeping those covers and the editorial feel was a large part of why I decided to self publish. It’s a risk and it may or may not pay off but at the end of the day I feel that the covers enrich the series in a way I never anticipated and to do less would take away from the entire experience.

For anyone who is or will purchase Air Attack, thank you. I am diligently working on edits to Water Fall and hopefully you won’t have to take too long to read Ondine’s journey with her shark shifter Sullivan. In the meantime, Griffin and his goddess Clea await your eyes.

Happy reading!



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