End of year wrap-up for 2018

Every year it seems that January comes in and we all are marveling at a fresh new year and then I blink and the year has shot past. This year is no different. Where did the year go?
For the last several years I have been participating in a gratitude list with some of my dear friends. It is a good reminder of the daily things to be grateful for, even when challenges seem to come my way. So without further ado, here is my website blog gratitude list for the entire year:

I am grateful:

For continuing to publish the Elementals’ Challenge series. When Samhain folded I had all the files to easily publish Air Attack, but then moving on to Water Fall was a bit more daunting. Regardless, I got through it and am happy with the results.

For taking the leap into audio books. Fire Danger and Air Attack have both been turned into audio books, with the help of talented narrator (and dear friend) Nancy Van Iderstine. I am excited to continue the series in audio.

That I didn’t let the continued rise and fall of publishing stop me. I’m not going to lie: there have been days when I thought that I might as well just pack it in and stop writing. Yet I didn’t. Partly because I’m stubborn and partly because there are people out there who write to me and tell me how much they enjoy my stories. I don’t want to let anyone (including myself) down.

That this year was a transformative year. I took chances and went outside of my comfort zone and it paid off.

But mostly, I’m grateful for anyone who took the time to read this blog, or write me a letter, or post on my Facebook/Twitter/website. I’m grateful for those who enjoy my books and those who don’t. Each interaction is a learning experience and I couldn’t be happier to gather all of those experiences into one great bit pot and stir it around.

I hope that you have a happy and safe New Year and I will see all of you in 2019!


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