Ugly sweaters, Christmas and publishing news

It seems as though the ugly sweater phenomenon has gained steam in recent years. Every time I turn around there is an ugly sweater contest. Within my company itself I can think of at least three, including one within our smaller team. It’s actually great fun. I found an ugly sweater, or what I thought was an ugly sweater, at Goodwill and proudly wore it on the day of our party.

Imagine my chagrin when I was told it was not, in fact, ugly, but instead cute. Apparently with round wire-rim glasses and a topknot I could have been Mrs. Claus. Well…that works too. I am sharing a picture for you to judge for yourselves. Cute or worthy of second place in our department ugly sweater contest? 

Do you have any ugly sweater traditions of your own? I’d love to hear them. Feel free to post them on my Facebook. There will be a prize for the best comment.







In publishing news there are two anthologies coming out shortly I thought you might want to be aware of. The first one is Voices of the Deep, which is a mermaid/siren anthology that comes out December 21st. It is up for pre-order at the moment. I have a siren novella in this anthology, based on a story I wrote for Cheapjack Pulp before they went under. In fact, the short story will be available free to all of my newsletter subscribers shortly if anyone wants to read the inspiration for the tale of the siren and her demi-god. The Hawaiian gods and other pantheons also make an appearance. Here is a link: 








Tell-Tale Press is publishing this wonderful, fun little Christmas fantasy story of mine. It will be free on their website beginning December 20th and you can also pre-order the ebook now. Here is the link:

Transcendent, the Transmundane Press anthology about many things weird will be released on December 29th. This story could not be more different than the paranormal and fantasy romances I often write. If you like your tales on the odd side, including mine, then this anthology, always well curated and edited by the Transmundane folks, will be out on December 29th. If you’re interested in walking on the weird side,  look for the book shortly. 

I hope whatever you are doing this season, you are happy and healthy for the holidays.


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