What the future holds

I signed the reversion document for my Samhain books on Saturday. I will shortly have news about re-publishing Fire Danger and also how I am going to move forward on Air Attack. Samhain had so many pieces in motion for the second Elementals book that it makes me sad to think of what might have been. On the plus side, KaNaXa’s cover for Air Attack is as good as the one for Fire Danger. Additionally she is playing with the fonts for the element so the re-published books will be even better! It’s exciting.

This month I will be publishing a novella called No Ordinary Fairy, which is the first book in an anticipated multi-book series about a shifter war and the paranormals around them. While it isn’t an Elementals book nor is it intended to be I am keeping the world consistent throughout. For instance my fairy is Polish and she references one of the antagonists in Air Attack, a god named Perun. I would like in all my paranormal books and stories to keep the world consistent so you would never pick up one of my shorts and think “hey, that doesn’t make sense against the world of the Elementals.”

Speaking of short stories, out of drama and chaos something always good emerges. I have had a psychological thriller/horror carnival story accepted to Azoth Khem’s anthology of the same ilk. Release date TBD but I am excited about this one. There may be more spooky carnival stories in my future.

Additionally, I am pleased to announce that my relationship with Roane Publishing continues. On June 2nd a small piece of flash of mine will be featured on their site. In addition, a fantasy novella called The Dragon, The Witch and the Swordswoman has been accepted for their Elements anthology. Anyone who has read Fire Danger or my short story The Call of Gold will see that I kept my dragon mythology consistent across all these stories.

To add to the fun, my short story in Chronicle Worlds: Paradisi (Future Chronicles #14) is apparently eligible for the John W. Campbell award. I threw my hat into the ring. Why not?

So life goes on. In this crazy world of publishing all we can do is roll with the punches. My only regret about my time with Samhain is that it didn’t continue. I wanted them to publish all five Elementals books but it appears that task will now fall to me. I trust I will do them proud.

Happy reading!


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