Samhain officially closed down

Hi, all:

Samhain Publishing ceased operations as of 2/28/17. As of today my book Fire Danger is only available in used paperback copies.

It was a blow, but not completely unexpected. Samhain had almost shut down in 2016 but had pulled out of that slump, only to fall victim to it once again.  When it happened the first time my wonderful editor Jennifer Miller was in the process of reviewing the second Elementals book for possible publication. Later Samhain decided to publish it and Air Attack, the second in the series and Griffin’s story, was scheduled to come out on 3/15/17. Obviously that will not happen now.

It doesn’t mean that Griffin’s story (or the rest of the series) will go untold. When Samhain shut down Jennifer and I had already done four rounds of editing, the amazing Carolan Ivey had done a blurb and Kanaxa had prepared a draft of a cover for the book which echoes Fire Danger in style and is every bit as compelling. After much thought I have decided to self-publish Air Attack in the upcoming months, if for no other reason than I don’t want to wait (and hopefully neither do you). Look for more information as I get my rights back and sort through getting it online on my own. It was a tough decision but in the end the idea of waiting another year, which seemed likely between submitting and hopeful acceptance, then more edits, cover design, scheduling, etc. convinced me that it was time to at least go this one alone. I need to wait for my rights to come back to me and then can work to getting Fire Danger back up and also schedule Air Attack.

I will still be working with Roane Publishing and Transmundane Press so I haven’t lost all my publishers. I love those guys and hope to do more shortly! And who knows what the future holds. I have lots of possible avenues with many different novels of all sorts of flavors.

In addition, look for a novella from me shortly called No Ordinary Fairy which keeps the feel of my paranormal world building within a new set of supernaturals, including some fine fine shifters. I’m very excited about this series! Fairies and shifters and Thunderbirds and inter species battles, oh my!

I’ll let you know more information as it becomes available.  Thanks for being there!


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