New novella available – No Ordinary Fairy

Good morning everyone!

I recently decided to self-publish a novella that is in the same world as the Elementals but outside of their storyline. I am happy to report that it is now available online as an ebook on various platforms and in paperback on Amazon. It is the first in a shifter series and I think you will find the heroine as unique and compelling as I did. After all, when a Polish fairy who can kill when angered and a shifter who has lost his ability to shift meet, sparks can’t help but fly!

It will be the first in a series of approximately five books, although that number is open ended at this point. The second book is written, but in a super rough first draft. It will depend on what is happening with my other series as to when I publish the second book. I will mainly be focusing on the clan of cougar shifters although I intend to explore many other types of non-traditional shifters as well (there’s a horse shifter in the second book) as well as other types of paranormal and mythological beings. I hope you find this new series as compelling as the Elementals. I’m excited about the possibilities!

Here is a link:

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