Here's to a great 2018!

Once again it is a new year and once again it seems like January 2017 was only yesterday. I can’t believe how quickly the year has gone by—but I say that every year.

This year was a year of many changes in my writing life.  I started the year with one book in my Elementals series out and a second book to follow in March, only to be brought up short when Samhain closed their doors two weeks before the second book was due to be released. I had a cover, a blurb, an edited book—everything—but in the blink of an eye I had no publisher. I struggled quite a bit with what to do—find another publisher or self-pub? It was an agonizing choice nut I finally decided that my gorgeous covers were too good to lose so I would self-publish the remaining four books in the series. Samhain was gracious with my rights and returned everything, plus the cover art, to me. While I intended to release Air Attack sooner than I did I am happy to say both it and the first Elementals’ Challenge book Fire Danger are now available and I am working on edits for Water Fall, the third in the series. (Monica-should we put one or more book covers here?)

This is also the year when I pitched the first book in a different paranormal series at RWA and was fortunate enough to have the book accepted by Soul Mate Publishing. Release for that book is TBD, but probably mid-2018. Exciting stuff! It’s the first in an open-ended series and if all goes well both series will have many more adventures to come.

To top it off, my terrific publisher Roane Publishing released not one but two anthologies that included novellas of mine this year—one fantasy and one contemporary romance. Those anthologies, Braving the Elements and Under the Harvest Moon, are still available. In addition, I will have a novella in their themed seasons anthology in the spring edition called One Spring Morning.

For any of you who like my other works, namely my fantasy, science fiction and horror, this was also a great year. I had short stories released in 2017 by Fantasia Divinity, Cheapjack Pulp, Pole to Pole Publishing, and had a story included in a Hugo eligible collection.  I also self-pubbed the first in yet another paranormal series, a novella called No Ordinary Fairy. The heroine is one of my favorites so far. More will be forthcoming in 2018.

It’s been a remarkable year with its share of ups and downs but all working toward the future. I look forward to sharing my adventures, and of course the adventures of Sebastian and Iona, my wolf shifter and Ifrit, whose story continues chapter by chapter in this newsletter. I do hope you are enjoying their tale!

Here’s to a fantastic 2018. Who knows where the road will take us but I look forward to sharing it with all of you!

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