Promos ending and a book release

Hi, all!

In case you were still wanting to get some free books (including my own No Ordinary Fairy) I wanted to let you know that the Mandy Roth Big Bundle of Books promotion ends tomorrow night. You can go and browse here:

Also, the Romance Studio is currently running a Spooky party and I am participating in it. That also only runs through Halloween. More details can be gotten here:

I hope you enjoy these promotions. It was a lot of fun for me to do them.

Right now my book Air Attack, the second in the Elementals’ Challenge series, is up for pre-order on Amazon and other websites. Its release date is November 7th (a week from tomorrow!). For anyone who read Fire Danger and wondered what the story was with the handsome air Elemental Griffin this is your chance to find out. He has a Challenge to face, and a red-haired goddess who insists on being part of it. She has vengeance on her mind, but there’s something about Griffin she doesn’t know…

I am currently editing the third book in the series, called Water Fall, and it is the story of Ondine, the newest Elemental. She is new to the world, unsure of her powers, and has a Challenge to face. A shark shifter is there to help her, but he also has many secrets. The release date on this book is TBA, but rest assured I won’t make you wait long for her story!

Have a great week.


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