Fire Danger

In a little over a month my full length novel Fire Danger will be released by Samhain Publishing. It is currently available for preorder on Amazon (ebook only) and will be available for pre-sale on Samhain’s site beginning May 22nd in ebook and trade paperback.

It’s a bittersweet milestone for me. My entire five book Elementals series is one that is near and dear to my heart and the day that Samhain accepted the first book for publication was one of the top ten greatest days of my life. Now, who knows? For anyone who doesn’t know, Samhain Publishing is closing down business, although they are still publishing books in their pipeline, mine included. This means that the other four books are stranded without a home. I have been told by agents that it is unlikely another publisher will pick up a series mid-stream (although I have not given up hope) so I am struggling with what to do next once Fire Danger comes out. The next book is ready to go and I was in the process of pitching it to Jennifer when the news about Samhain broke.

I in no way begrudge Samhain this book. The original book went through several iterations and was shaped into something so much better than where it started. Bear in mind that by the time Fire Danger was accepted for publication I had put it through several rounds of editing, including a professional, and yet Samhain/Jennifer continued to mold it to the book it is today. The book that is coming out on June 21st is one I am very proud of. Samhain more than earned the right to release this book as scheduled. I look forward to its release and will be blogging more on social media beginning…well…now. It will take top honor in my bragging shelf.

And yet…as a writer I have to move forward. I’m writing and editing and pitching and submitting other novels I have, both contemporary and a different paranormal series, as well as writing short stories, some of which are contained within the Elementals universe. Always, though, at the back of my mind is the question of what to do about the Elementals’ Challenge series. It is a question without an answer, or without one that I have settled on yet. Perhaps when the book comes out I will have a lightbulb moment and know which way to proceed. Until then, I will wait and see. The one thing I hope is that readers love these characters as much as I do and will want to see more.

Until June 21st, happy reading!


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