Contests and writing

Hi, all:

Good news!  My unpublished paranormal “Fire Danger” has won third place in the First Coast Romance Writers Beacon contest.  In addition, it has attracted some professional interest, so it has gone out for consideration.  Additionally, I have submitted to join RWA’s PRO category, based on my serious pursuit of romance fiction.

For those who have been waiting (im)patiently for the second installment of the “Time” series, your wait is almost at an end!  I am going through beta reader edits and anticipate that the sequel to “Beginning Time,” titled “Best of Times” will be available on Amazon within a week.  The wait for the next one shouldn’t be as lengthy, I promise.

I am hard at work at many different projects, including flash fiction and some short stories.  Depending on the outcome of the submissions, I will be posting these stories when I am free to do so.

Happy holidays!


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