Two new releases on October 5th!

Hi, all:

I am pleased to let you know that in addition to Earth Tremors, which you may have noticed now graces this website, I also am part of a Halloween anthology that comes out on Tuesday as well. Information on both books are below. I hope you enjoy – happy reading!


Their love was unshakable—until danger severs their most critical connection.

Challenge is coming. Shani and Masud, the duo comprising the earth Elemental Sphinx, can feel it in the unusual tectonic shifts rattling the walls of their home in India, their refuge. This overwhelming sense of impending doom tells them it’s time to return to Egypt.

After decades away, they are strangers in their homeland. And to each other. Somewhere along the way, the most critical piece of their combined power—their mental connection—weakened and snapped, leaving their power vulnerable and their hearts adrift, even as another Challenge bears down on them sooner than anyone expected.

Their oracle, Ramla, offers few clues and even less comfort. Not only does she sense that Shani and Masud’s connection has been sabotaged, Ramla herself is dying—another vital link on the verge of breaking right when they need it most.

From the tombs of Pharaohs to the halls of Elementals, Inc., Shani and Masud race to rekindle their love and find out who is behind the danger hurtling toward them—before the world is once again swallowed up in blood and chaos.


The second one is a collection with some of my favorite writers. If spooky Halloween love is more your speed, check this out!

Tricks, Treats, & Teasers: A Halloween and Paranormal Romance Collection

Trick or Treat?

Give me something hot to read…

Halloween. A time when ghost and goblins come out to play.

Let these devilish authors tempt you into a wicked good time as they take you on a journey where tricks are a given, there is always a treat in store and the teasing is hotter than you can imagine.

Alexi Ferreira “A Midnight Revelation”
C. J. Corbin “Love is a Spell”
Claire Davon “Samhain Surprise”
Cynthia Diamond “Hallowed Promise”
Ember-Raine Winters “A Halfling Halloween”
Jenn D. Young “Inked Dreams”
Joy Eileen “Matchmaking Ghost”
Naomi Springthorp “69 Johnson Lane”
Rayne Elizabeth “Learning to Exhale”
Tessa McFionn “Care to Dance?”
TL Mayhew “First Shift”
Tonya Clark “Hidden Sounds”
Victoria J. Hyla “Resonance”

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