New Universe Chronicles release and a free book to celebrate!

Hi, all:

I am pleased to announce that the fourth Universe Chronicles book, titled Generating Gravity, will be released by Soul Mate Publishing on September 8th. It is currently available for preorder HERE.

Logan Bradley has no idea why he’s been chosen for this assignment. If someone in the Miami office is a traitor, Universe should have sent an experienced psychic sensitive. Not Logan, a gravity-bending orphan from the streets.

Meeting the sexy-as-hell head of the office, Valentina Tower, is a punch to his gut, but he tells his hormones to stand down. If someone in Miami has gone rogue, it’s his job to take action. No matter who’s guilty.

Valentina is no fool. In sending Logan, Headquarters must suspect someone on her team has been turned by Night Stars or worse, Whisper. Despite an instant spark between them that has nothing to do with her electricity talent, she’s not putting her team—or her heart—in the hands of a man who can use gravity as a weapon.

Almost from the moment they meet, a chaotic talent strikes again and again, probing for weaknesses in their defenses—and their psyches. Forced to draw close and guard each other’s backs, passion pulls them under, making them perfect targets for a danger that’s closer than either of them ever guessed.

To celebrate, Soul Mate is making the first in the seriesShifting Auras – FREE from September 3rd through September 6th. If you’ve never read the start of the series, now is your chance! It’s only from September 3rd through the 6th, so mark it on your calendar!


I hope you enjoy the new release and/or the freebie. Let me know what you think and happy reading!


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