New short stories for your reading pleasure!

Hi, all:

I am pleased to let you know that not one but two of my short stories have been published in the last few weeks.

First up is a story that falls somewhere between the intersection of fantasy and horror. It’s called Acceptance and is one of the stories in Aggregate’s debut anthology. This story had been written and sold to a prior anthology years ago. Unfortunately that anthology went belly up before the stories were released and it took a little bit of time for this story to find its next home. Working with the editors was fantastic and I hope that you enjoy the stories as much as I did.

The next story came as a surprise to me – not that it had been sold but that it had been published. This one is called The Way of Wishes and is featured in Alban Lake’s witchy anthology Midnight in the Witch’s Kitchen. As so often happens with witches – be careful what you wish for! It was published in January and I recently got my author copy in the mail. These stories are so much fun! At the moment it is only available in paperback.

As I mentioned before, my story Encounter With a Spring Goddess was selected as one of Fantasia Divinity’s “best of” 2019 stories for their Ghosts of the Past anthology. I am beyond thrilled! The book was just released a week ago – enjoy!

Happy reading!


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