Excerpt from “The Mormo’s Protection”

Hi, all:

I thought you might want to know more about my book “The Mormo’s Protection” which is available now on Amazon, Apple and Nook. Here is an excerpt to tease your senses!

Something was wrong.

Something wanted him.

Something sought him.

Something would find him and make him pay.

Stavros jerked awake, crying out as he woke. The covers were scratchy and thick, and he fought against them before he wrested himself free. It took him several moments to remember where he was. Then the memories of the strange day before came flooding back into his mind, and Stavros sat all the way up.


Silence met him, the stillness that came with being alone in a room. She was not in the bedroom or the bathroom.

Scratching his chest, Stavros yawned, and slid out from under the covers. Light peeked through the crack in the heavy drapes, telling him it was around six in the morning. It was his usual time for rising, so that he could run and eat breakfast before beginning his day, but he had not believed the Mormo was a morning person. She was a woman draped in shadows, best in the night where people feared the darkness.

The motel room was poorly lit and even turning on all the lights didn’t banish his feeling of dread. Something was going to take him, rend him, punish him. It was coming and he couldn’t stop it.

He looked around for a place to hide but the only closed space was the closet. After a hard moment, he rushed inside and shut the door, his heart hammering. He wished the door had a lock, something to stop it from coming…coming…coming.


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