Another year, new stories

Happy 2019, all! I hope that as we head toward the end of the first month of 2019 (already-it really is shocking how fast the time goes) that you are doing well in this new year.
I don’t yet know the date of publication, but Flash Fiction Magazine has picked up one of my horror stories for online publication in their magazine. It’s called Objects in the Rear-View Mirror and is a tale of the dangers of being a jerk in traffic. The magazine’s link is and I will let everyone know when the story is being published.
As I said last month, my siren story in Voices of the Deep is available, as is my crazy weird story in Transmudane Press’ Transcendent anthology. In addition, my alternate Christmas story is still available for free from Tell-Tale Press, or you can buy it on Amazon. Many thanks to all who have already bought the books. As a reminder, if you join my newsletter, you can get the original siren story for free as well as read a serialized story that takes place in the Elementals world.
Now, on to new news.
Soul Mate Publishing has decided to pick up not just the second book in the Universe Chronicles series, but ALL books in that series. As many as I want to write, they want to publish. It’s so exciting to know that Ian and Maya, and all the Universe folks, have a home with Soul Mate. The second book, Tracking Shadows, is currently going through edits and is tentatively set for a September release. This is our mysterious and enigmatic leader Quillan’s story and boy has he met his match! I have two more books in first draft so don’t worry, there are many more adventures to come in this series!
I’m also participating in another box set that will be coming out this year. It is called Souls & Shadows and is already available for preorder. This box set will have seventeen novella or novel length paranormal stories somehow involving magic. My story centers around a Mormo, which is a little known Greek spirit who is associated with Hecate, and the man who does not know he is a quarter god. The box set will come out in July but is already available for preorder on Kobo, Nook and iTunes. There are a number of promotions around it where the reader can either also get a book of short stories (I have a short story in that collection as well) or put their name into a drawing for free stuff. If you want a great deal with some amazing authors (besides myself), please visit the following links.
Happy reading and happy new year!

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