Shifting Auras and so much more!

Sometimes when I try to explain to friends and co-workers (or my boss!) where my ideas come from I get anything from a raised eyebrow to a polite “that’s interesting” or “I never would have thought of that.” Whether that’s a good or bad thing is unclear. Many of my original ideas come from the murky depths of my sleeping mind.

My latest Soul Mate release, Shifting Auras, started life in 2011 that way—as a half-remembered snippet of a dream. I wrote down what I could remember and the germ of an idea started there. wrote out some ideas and put the story aside. When I went back to it a new idea started coming to me. Perhaps it was all the Marvel movies out there but I began thinking of a group of powered humans, ala the X-Men, and the government agencies they might be working through. The idea of having supernormal powers has always fascinated me. What would it mean to be telekinetic or psychic? Would it be good or bad? What would it mean for us, and the world? I didn’t want to go down the road of “mutants are evil” as some current shows and movies have done, so I centered it around a shadow government agency. It’s been so much fun to write the series and there are more books to come. Part of the challenge is finding powers for my characters. Outside of the popular ones there are many others to play with, and I’m trying them all out.

If you are interested in picking up a copy of Shifting Auras, it is available exclusively on Amazon:



I am also pleased to report that my story Idun’s Golden Apples, a take on Idun, the keeper of the golden apples in Norse mythology, is now available in gorgeous hardcover format from Fantasia Divinity Magazine. If you like the Norse goddesses who don’t always make the news, you can pick up a copy here: 

The other stories I’ve been mentioning in recent blogs will be out soon and I’ll report back as soon as those release dates are set. I can’t wait for you to read my spring goddess story and my science fiction story, but especially my odd horrorish tale The Only One Alive which will be released in Transmundane Press’s Transcendent anthology. This one may truly make you wonder what goes on in that head of mine…probably better not to ask! ????

In other news I just had a short story accepted for a YA dragon anthology. Any of you who have read The Call of Gold or The Dragon, the Witch and the Swordswoman will recognize my take on dragons and their affinity for metal. I really like this story, it is both poignant and real, and told from the point of view of the dragon.

Also, for those who are fans of audio books, Fire Danger is now available unabridged on audio, through many retailers. The amazing Nancy Van Iderstine voiced this book and she will be doing the rest of the series as well. Here is the Amazon link:

That’s all for now. Have a great day!


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