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Writing is a solitary business. Everyone knows that. It requires someone who can sit down for long stretches at a time (or short ones) and compose words that eventually, hopefully, become stories. Most writers I know spend a fair amount of time on their craft, whatever type of writer they are. Generally we are alone when writing, although there are many people who write in coffee shops, or as a group, but at the end of the day the words are springing from your imagination.

The general impression of writers is that we are introverts, or loners, or a combination of those things. Many of us are. Many are not. Writers, like any other group of people, are varied in their personalities. The fundamental truth remains, however, that what we do we create on our own.

The Romance Writers of America convention is coming up beginning July 17th. It is designed for RWA members, and features many insightful panels on such things as social media, or cover artists, or how to write a successful science fiction romance series, and many other things. It is also where the RITA awards and the Golden Hearts (for unpublished authors) are given out.

It is also a place where all of us get together to socialize, and compare notes, and try to make our writing better. The first year I went I didn’t know what to expect but now I have a better sense. It seems every time I go to a convention I come out energized. Writing can be not only a lonely profession but one plagued with self-doubt. When you’re in your head as much as a writer is it is easy to let the negative tape starts. That’s the one that says “why bother? Nobody wants to read your work. You should just give it up.” Going to Nationals erases that, at least for me. I come out of the RWA convention bursting with ideas on my old stories, my current stories and stories that are but a glimmer of an idea. I also come away with notes and pages stuffed with ways to make any number of things better. If the budget permits it, I recommend that any aspiring romance author go to check it out.

In writing news, there are many fast-moving things happening. Shifting Auras, the first in my Universe Chronicles series, is up for pre-sale and will be released July 25th.  If you are a newsletter member I will be offering review copies in my next newsletter. I am very excited for this new series, which I have always dubbed my “X-men paranormal romance.” I hope anyone who buys it enjoys this tale of intrigue and government agencies and people with various powers falling in love.

In addition, I will be likely putting Water Fall, the third Elementals’ Challenge book, up for pre-sale on August 1st for an October 1st release. It is still in edits but we feel good that that timeline is possible. Ondine, the newest Elemental, has an exciting hero in the form of a shark shifter and I can’t wait for this continuation of the series started in Fire Danger.

Speaking of Fire Danger, there is now an audio version! It is available on Audible and iTunes. It is narrated by Nancy Van Iderstine, who did an amazing job. If you’ve always wanted to read Fire Danger, but lacked time, this is a great way to read it. Nancy is starting prep on Air Attack and my intention is to have the entire series available on audio eventually (one, you know, the other books come out).

In short story news, I signed the contract for Encounter with a Spring Goddess, a short story in Fantasia Divinity’s Spring Goddess series. That will also be the publisher releasing Idun’s Golden Apples, a short story in their Norse Goddess series. If you enjoy stories about goddesses who aren’t so well known, these should appeal.

A story in my nascent SF romance series, called The Rescue, is part of the Future Days anthology, being released on August 17th. I will post links when I have them.

The Caladrius’ Rescue is still available to read for free on the Aurora Wolf site. ( Look for June’s stories.

I think that’s all for now! Happy reading!


Claire Davon

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