Promos, events and animals


I wanted to remind everyone that I am currently participating in two events. The first one is a charity event for those affected by the Houston hurricane. While that was its original intent with the advent of Hurricane Irma I am also going to be sending a donation to those affected by Irma (although I don’t know which animal rescue charity I will donate to yet, but there will be one). Fire Danger is the book I am donating my proceeds to for this charity. As a reminder for the Houston event, more information can be found here: This officially ends on September 17th.

Additionally, for those who like their books free (and who doesn’t) I also have my novella No Ordinary Fairy available for free download in this Big Bundle of Romance promo sponsored by Mandy Roth. There are many books available in this promo, so if mine isn’t to your liking I am sure you will find something! Here is the link:

These back to back hurricanes and the local fires have me thinking about what I would do in the event of an emergency. I live in earthquake country and have an emergency kit and always have extra water but I am not sure you can ever be fully prepared. I think about all those people who left their pets behind or who were forced to make an awful choice when hotels refused to accept their animals. I see the pictures of helpless dogs left chained, unable to fight the water, and my heart quavers. Recently the organization I work with (Kitten Rescue) helped a cat abandoned in a carrier outside the pet store. Along with the cat was a heartbreaking note saying that the person was homeless and had no choice. This big 17 pound bruiser of a kitty is confused and scared and doesn’t realize how lucky he is. His fate, like the fate of the animals in Houston and Florida, could have been much worse. That is why I’m donating to the animal charities. Our companion animals are as important to many of us as any other member of our family but too often they are the ones left behind.

Here’s a spoiler alert for you. In any of my stories where there is a pet no harm will ever come to that animal. Hope I didn’t spoil too much for you! I know how anxious I get when I pick up a book with a beloved pet. I worry, oh how I worry.

Hope you are all safe and well as we start the week.


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