New novella release and a Houston charity event

Hi, all:

Some cool stuff happening this week and over the next few weeks. My newsletter has just gone out and for those who are new to the newsletter, welcome! I hope you are enjoying the serial. It is intended to be a companion piece to the Elementals series but without involving the Elementals. My idea is to take each Elementals book and have a serialized companion to it, to explore the world around the Elementals. Enjoy!

On September 8th Roane Publishing is putting out a very cool fantasy anthology called Braving the Elements. My story The Dragon, the Witch and the Swordswoman leads off the anthology. It is about a woman who is sent to kill a dragon after she inadvertently brings it to her village, and the adventure that follows. While not part of any series I stay true to the dragon mythology I am building. The dragon referenced¬†in Fire Danger and also in one of my favorite short stories The Call of Gold (in From the Dragon Lord’s Library, which you can find on my short story links) all share my dragon idea. Enjoy! Here is a link if you want to buy the anthology:

While I have already donated to Houston through PetSmart I am also participating in Authors Helping Houston, a two week event where the participating authors agree to donate their royalties for the selected books to Houston. If you’re interested in learning more, check out Trust me, there is something for everyone.

Happy Labor Day! Hope you find time for books today.


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