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Welcome to my new, redesigned website! We hope that the new design will create a better interactive experience for everyone.

There have been many sensational things happening over the last few months, and there is much more to come. I have been writing short stories for the last year and several have been accepted for publication. As they continue to be released I will post the release dates on my blog, and also add them to the slider. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed writing them. The short stories cut across a wide swath of genres, from horror to SF and also romance. It has been great to explore other avenues and you can expect more unpredictable genre bending stories down the road.

In addition, I have the great pleasure to announce that in May of 2016 the first book, called “Fire Danger”, of my paranormal romance series will be published by Samhain Publishing. I am very excited about this development and hope that when the story is released you will be as wowed by it as I was after I wrote it. There are four more installments of this exciting world coming up in the future.

In addition to all that great news I intend to be a lot more interactive with this site in the months to come. So if you have any comments, feedback, suggestions or tidbits, please feel free to drop me a line. At some point in the near future I will be starting a mailing list and at that time will ask if people want to sign up. I promise not to bombard you!

My journey has taken some interesting twists and turns. When I came back to writing a few years ago my intention was to tidy up the contemporary romances I’d written years before and start publishing those, or trying to get them published. Then the urban fantasy bug bit…then the paranormal bug and now there are so many different critters taking a nibble at me it’s hard to keep track. All I can do is enjoy the ride. I still have those contemporaries and they are slowly getting worked on in between everything else. So for those who are fans of that portion of my writing, don’t despair! There will be more coming down the road. But I found my passion in the paranormal side in all its various incarnations and I will be exploring much more of that. I would love to hear what excites you and see if there’s a story in them thar words.



  1. Stace on October 13, 2015 at 1:18 pm

    Good work, Claire!

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