Misunderstood anthology coming in November

I am so excited to be sharing space in this anthology with the likes of Jody Lynn Nye and Brenda Clough. The anthology should come out in November, but I of course will keep everyone posted about the exact date it is going to be released. In the meantime, check out this lineup!




Wandering Monsters – Jody Lynn Nye

Too Much Imagination – Bonnie Rehage,

To Serve a Prince – Brenda Clough
One evening in the Sierra Nevada – Cynthia Ward
Attack on Pirion – DeAnna Knippling  
The Troll ChildEdward Ahern
The Truth in Her Lies – JA Campbell and Rebecca McFarland Kyle
Fantasy Life – LR Bromberg-Moffitt 

How I came to Marry a Herpetologist – Nina Kiriki Hoffmann

The Gargoyle – Philip Thorogood
Green Bottle Cowboy – Jonathan Shipley
Feast of the Disgruntled – Jonathan S. Pembroke
Night of the Skaggit – Andrew M. Seddon
There’s No ‘I’ in Homunculus – DJ Tyrer
The Sundering of Hyvus – Cael Jacobs
The Rat Ship – Jason Lairamore
Bigfoot PI – Joseph Ramshaw
Stone Works – Claire Davon
Closing Time – John Lance
The Heart of Stone Monsters – Sara Lundberg
Unfamiliar Situation – Douglas Sanborn
The Beholder’s Lie – Shane Porteous
No Such Thing – Jean Graham
A story of Inyodo – Carol Hightshoe
Guys and Trolls – David Turnbull

The Cage-Fighting Pacifist – Lyn Godfrey

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