Fox’s Secret


Silas Shunokh would rather chew off his own leg than attend yet another wedding, but as the “spare heir” of the ruling fox shifter clan, he’s obligated. Then he spots a sultry beauty with a husky voice that sinks into his libido like grappling hooks.

 The woman is unlike any fox shifter he’s ever encountered before. Who is she? And why does she seem unimpressed with his status? Not that Silas cares, but he’s…intrigued.

 Marlene Lisica’s family left Maine’s tangled web of fox society and politics before she was born. Except for her grandmother, who lives on its outskirts—figuratively and literally. With grandmother’s health failing, Marlene plans to move within reach, while keeping the Maine shifters at arm’s length.

 Then she shakes Silas’s hand, and a shockwave of desire bolts up her arm. Silas is going to be trouble—maybe the good kind. But the truth she learns from her grandmother is another kind of trouble. The kind that changes everything…

Note: Fox’s Secret is part of the Heart of a Fox series, but can be read as a standalone.

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