A Feather of Air


Vadoma should have learned the joy of freeing her Vântoase air talent at her mother’s knee. Instead, tragedy landed her in a virtual prison, controlled by her overbearing Aunt Bizzy. Until the woman abruptly hauls her off to France—and Vadoma realizes this is no impromptu vacation.

Bizzy has broken with Vântoase tradition to take a side in the upcoming Challenge between Elemental and Demonos. Worse, she’s offering up Vadoma as a pawn to help the Demonos win. In whatever way the Yalungur—a massive eagle shifter—wishes to use her.

As a rare male sylph, Rasmus is used to having all eyes on him. In fact, he’s counting on it. The distraction will aid his mission to keep the air beings from giving the Demonos an unfair advantage. He never counted on being distracted himself—by a gorgeous, dark-haired iele who doesn’t quite fit in.

When the Yalungur unsheathes his talons on Vadoma, Rasmus finds himself racing to save her. Now they’re both on the run, and quickly becoming joined at the heart. But as Challenge begins, Vadoma must reach deep within to awaken her sleeping powers—or she and Rasmus could be parted. Forever.

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