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Winter Miracle

Storybook Pub Christmas Wishes
Love & Devotion Author Services, Inc. 12/01/2020

Join your favorite romance authors and our mischievous Storybook Pub Proprietor, Kole O’Shea, for Christmas Wishes. 17 holiday romances created with the help of a little Christmas magic.

Will your wish be granted?

You don’t want to miss this collection of stories from talented Indie, International, USA Today, and Amazon Bestselling Authors.

Mistle Oh-No by Denise Wells
Once Upon A Christmas Kiss by P.T. Macias
Wishes for Santa by Naomi Springthorp
Christmas Angel by Ember-Raine Winters
One Small Spanish Wish by Alexi Ferreira
In Time for Christmas by Rachel Radner
Second Chances by Jenn D. Young
Winter Miracle by Claire Davon
Carole Of The Bells by Mary Dean & Stephanie Nichole
The Inevitable Kiss by E.K. Woodcock
Short Circuit by Aviva Vaughn
Caught Under the Mistletoe by Tonya Clark
A Match For Christmas by C. J. Corbin
Jingle His Bells by Rayne Elizabeth
When the Stars Align by Melody Dawn
Christmas in California by Teri Kay
A Decadent Christmas by Kenzie Rose


“What’ll it be?”

“Club soda. Extra lime.”

Kole, a ginger haired man in his mid thirties, raised an eyebrow. “It’s a mineral, then? Don’t want to get ossified?”

He’d been around Kole often enough to be able to translate his words into a question about soft drinks and drunkenness. He nodded toward the bartender and then slid his gaze toward Stormy. “I need to be clear headed.” Aiden’s tone was gravelly before he modified it. Kole had nothing to do with this situation, even if his sympathetic demeanor invited confidences. “I’ve got a problem.” The beer and peanuts smell of the bar was familiar. There was nothing like going to an old haunt to stir up memories. The woman in the corner whose face pointed the opposite direction was at the center of so many of them.

Kole’s discerning gaze took in the younger woman, his observation bearing the weight of his years of expertise. “She’s been irritated since she walked in a half hour ago. Mineral’s on the house. I don’t envy you your task. I’ve known Stormy a long time and she looks proper feargach.” Kole slid the club soda with two lime wedges to Aiden.

He picked up the drink and contemplated his next move. Stormy’s attention was on her phone, which he took for the ruse it was. He knew her too well not to understand her cues. Her hands gripped the phone so tightly her knuckles showed white. Her jaw was clenched and he bet if he were closer, he would be able to observe her left ear moving as she ground her teeth. All the little tells were obvious, for someone who understood what to check for.

He’d spent years studying those cues, for all the good it had done him. He didn’t do anything about it then and wasn’t about to now, even though her family had sent him to convince her to come home. They had trusted him and he wouldn’t let them down. He may not be blood, but he was practically a part of the family. That would never change.

He ignored the part of him that reminded him that last year had changed that, and this was just the fallout.