Short Stories

Wings of Change

Touch of the Silver Dragon

Wings of Change
Camden Park Press 02/28/2019

Trapped dragon Shukan has never known anything but chains in his short life. Meifeng, a servant, is also caught in circumstances not of her own doing. Will they be each other’s salvation?



He was six months old and the only thing he knew about other dragons was what he held deep in ancient memory. His kind was slumbering under the ground. They were a dozen times bigger than the pitiful men who kept him locked away, but they were not here. His own birth had not been supposed to happen for many decades, but humans had forced him to hatch and then imprisoned him. He was alone, and had been since the day he hatched. Until now. In all the time of his imprisonment he had never been able to communicate with a single soul.

It is only the dragon that is kept in chains.

That is me.

How am I hearing you?

I do not know. But will you talk to me? I am so lonely.

I am, too.

What is your name? He tried not to sound too eager but at her mental touch all the loneliness came flooding up. To talk to somebody…

Meifeng. Do dragons have a name?

I am Shukan.