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Cosmic Contact

Through the Wormhole

Cosmic Contact - First Contact Stories
PulpCult 01/24/2023

FIRST CONTACTS can be tricky. Even when we meet a fellow human being for the first time, the interaction can be unpredictable. And when it comes to first contact on the cosmic scale, it’s a whole other ballgame altogether!

Pulpcult presents a Science fiction & fantasy anthology where every story has been crafted on the theme of ‘First Contact.’

We have a selection of rich PHILOSOPHICAL SAGAS, where a human is visited by an alien with ideas that put humanity’s flawed institutions to shame, and even a tale that questions whether the human race is remotely ready for First Contact.

The CURIOUS & MYSTERIOUS traits of an alien civilisation becomes pronounced in stories where aliens appear to have perfected astrology, or taken over an entire city of Earth for reasons too obscure to fathom.

Cosmic Contact also holds within its pages some terrifying HORROR STORIES featuring aliens who seem to stalk and kill children, or wish to conquer, manipulate and even incubate humans by taking over our minds and bodies.

And then there are some classic sci fi ADVENTURES, from aliens apparently landing in ancient Samoa, to a strange foot race on an alien planet that leads to both starry romance and startling revelations!


We didn’t know the wormhole was there.

This thing had been lurking around our solar system two light years out, mingling with the debris in that cold region of our galactic neighborhood. Once we saw it, we couldn’t imagine how we had missed such a monumental discovery.

Then the aliens came through it.

They looked like us.

We had ramped up our space program on a global scale even before the aliens emerged. The wormhole promised the ability to surface somewhere far away from where we started. Up until this point space was a forbidding, cold vista of black and distant stars. Now the stars were within reach—albeit a reach measured in many decades.

Their first broadcast was a simple video of them raising their hands in a universal gesture of peace along with their language and a template to learn it. They showed us Jupiter with a suggestion that we meet in a designation of time that translated to four years from when they emerged. This would give them enough time to get to Jupiter from the wormhole, and we decided they thought it would be long enough for us to build and send a spacecraft after we got their transmission.  We had sent back a reply, but our ship would be the final answer.

Little green men had always been ridiculous, just as beings with giant heads had been silly, my mother had explained. I listened, even as I rolled my eyes. She had discovered the wormhole, so she was the authority. Our craft was named after her. The Cardoso. That was the ship, and the name of my family.

It was complicated.