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Saving Solon

The Best of Iron Faerie Publishing 2021
Iron Faerie Publishing 10/02/2022

Retold fairytales with new and unexpected twists, epic tales of gods and goddesses and flashes of fantasy all rolled into one spectacular collection compiling the best stories published by Iron Faerie in 2021!
Featuring 35 compelling stories by 35 authors.

Amber M. Simpson
Andra Dill
A.S. Charly
Beth W. Patterson
Bianca Breen
Callum Pearce
Chisto Healy
Chris Bannor
Chris Hall
Chris Hewitt
Claire Davon
C. Marry Hultman
Connor Sassmannshausen
Charles Reis
David Green
Dawn Debraal
Deborah Dubas Groom
Dorian J. Sinnot
Ella Everly
G. Allen Wilbanks
Isabella Hunter
Janie Marlow
Jessica Wilcox
Jodie Francis
Joshua D. Taylor
KA Masters
Lyndsey Ellis-Holloway
Maggie D. Brace
McKenzie Richardson
M.M. Reynolds
Natasha Sinclair
Rachel L. Tilley
S.O. Green
Stacey Jaine McIntosh
Tim Mendees
Vonnie Winslow Crist


The man bobbed in the water, his body tossed by the waves.

Euleria cried out when she saw him. He was laying face up, his eyes sightless, his skin waterlogged.

No, no, no!

He did not yet have the pallor of the dead but his chest didn’t rise and fall. He must have fallen from the rocks above and was taken by the waves. However it happened, Solon wasn’t breathing. He was dead.

Her tail smacked the surface of the water as she tugged him to the sand on the nearby shore. She had no experience with how to save a person from drowning. Sirens like her were at home in the water, and there was no need for lifesaving measures.

Maybe it was foolish to be taken with a human, but Euleria had noticed this man the moment he set foot on siren island. Humans were allowed to come to their sanctuary, but couldn’t stay. She didn’t know how he’d come to this bad end, but she couldn’t bear it. She couldn’t lose him, not like this. Not in the medium that was her life.

She needed to stay in her watery form to best draw on her power. Euleria’s blue and yellow tail sluiced off water and collected sand as she lay Solon down on the ground, but she didn’t notice. This was a secluded cove, and no other sirens, whether air or water women, were around at the moment. If she was going to save him, she would have to do it by herself.

Euleria only had one thing she could do.