Short Stories

Tricks Treats

Samhain Surprise

Tricks, Treats, & Teasers: A Halloween and Paranormal Romance Collection
Love & Devotion Authors Services, Inc. 10/05/2021

Trick or Treat?

Give me something hot to read…

Halloween. A time when ghost and goblins come out to play.

Let these devilish authors tempt you into a wicked good time as they take you on a journey where tricks are a given, there is always a treat in store and the teasing is hotter than you can imagine.


Orla wouldn’t admit she’d been eyeing the door every minute since their guests started showing up. In her faux cat outfit she was cute, and a little sexy, and hoped that Cillian would think the same.

Almost a dozen people were already there, all human, and dressed in various costumes, from a set of rabbit ears to a full-blown Borg.

When the far too appealing Cillian appeared in the doorway Orla fought not to break away from the couple she was talking to and bolt over to him. She resisted, but her gaze strayed to where he was. The temperature in the house had gone up—or maybe just hers.

What was he doing in Raleigh? She hadn’t learned the events that got him sent to the States, but hoped to learn that story, and more, in time.

Cillian called to her on an elemental level that would be madness to explore. Then again, exploring him would be delicious. Every inch, from his toes to his hair…and in between.

She went to where he was talking to their next-door neighbor. The guy eyed her when she arrived and she gave him a polite nod before she focused her attention on Cillian. She hoped it wasn’t too obvious she’d been waiting for him.