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Horse of the Apocalypse

Plague (4 Horsemen Book 3)
Iron Faerie Publishing 07/29/2022

Iron Faerie Publishing brings you… Plague!

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse! Four figures in the Book of Revelations who symbolize the evils to come at the end of the world.

Take a look at the stories these talented writers can tell in just 100 words! Featuring: Andra Dill Andrea L. Staum Beth W. Patterson Bill Adler Charlotte Langtree Chisto Healy Chris Bannor Chris Hall Chris Hewitt Claire Davon Connor Sassmannshausen David Green Dawn Debraal Declan Liam McKendrick DJ Elton Ella Everly Emma K Leadley Jasiah Witkofsky Jessica Wilcox Katie Jordan Kimberly Rei Kristin Cragg Luis Manuel Torres Maggie D Brace Majanka Verstraete McKenzie Richardson Michelle Brett Natasha Sinclair Nerisha Kemraj Patrick Winters R.A. Goli S.O. Green Sam. Phebe-McGarvey Scarlett Lake William Snider


The pale horse whinnied as its rider removed the broken remnants of its shoe, shattered by an unfortunate stumble as they plunged toward their next destination.

The horse pawed at the ground with its tender hoof before putting it down on the grass. A brown spot appeared under his leg. Within moments all the green in the area was gone.