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Ivy and Sage

Gargoyle Awakening

Ivy & Sage (Hawthorn and Ash Book 4)
Iron Faerie Publishing 05/12/2023

Ivy & Sage (Hawthorn and Ash Book 4) 

Ivy and Sage is a compilation of fantasy drabbles and flash fiction from authors worldwide.
Within its pages you will find enchanting stories of myth, legends and fairytales woven throughout.
Dive into the magic and wonder of these 50+ tales in Volume Four.


Vincenzo tumbled to the ground, landing hard on his side, wincing at the pain caused by the ground and his body awakening from its long captivity. His imprisoner had expected the gargoyle to be trapped on the building forever. As the centuries went by, the gargoyle had accepted that fate as well—until the earthquake that released him.

Aftershocks continued to rock the small Italian town, each rolling vibration of the land under his feet a triumph. He was standing on the earth, restored to flesh. The buildings he had been a part of lost several more bricks and another gargoyle plummeted down, shattering on impact.

That one was made of stone.

He ran through the streets, trying to get away from the debris. An unlucky human blundered into him as he attempted to get away from a collapsing awning. The idiot screamed obscenities at Vincenzo in a language he didn’t understand. The gargoyle thrust out his hands to fend off the man, afraid that his long-unused body couldn’t sustain any attack.

The statue that resulted of their contact had a surprised look on its face. The shrieking pedestrians around them paid no attention to the new arrival.

Vincenzo had doubted his powers would still work after so many centuries on the side of a building. Satisfaction bubbled inside at the proof they had not waned.