Short Stories


“Game Show Ghost”

Full Moon Books 01/28/2016


A ghost haunts the site of his greatest triumph and greatest failure.


The set hadn’t been touched since the game show was taken off the air years earlier. The bright neon lights were off, the marquis declaring the name swaying off the ground, most of its bulbs shattered or stolen. Dust lay over everything – cables, remnants of props, the turntable that no longer spun. The seats that housed the meager audience had long been removed, repurposed for other things. The set, never meant to last, showed its age in the warping of wood. Some of the stuff had been taken and used for other sets, leaving behind the bare bones of unneeded items.

Robert saw none of it as he drifted through the stage. His feet made no impression in the patterns of dust on the floor and kicked up no motes into the small slices of sun peering through cracks in the set. All he saw was the lights, the glitz, the glamour of his greatest moment.

“A new car!”

He had been given the choice of a last question or walking away with his winnings. What he had won was decent, but not car worthy. He had chosen to go for it. What was a game show for if not to take risks?