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Fox’s Lady

Romancing The Shifter: A Shapeshifter Paranormal Romance & Urban Fantasy Anthology (Shifters Unleashed Book 2)
Naughty Nights Press LLC 04/26/2021

Dakota lost everything the day her fox shifter family was driven out of town on a lie. Property, standing, all of it gone. Her secret friendship with Maddox, the eldest son—and heir to the clans—of the Shunokh family was abandoned as well, left behind in the ruins of their lives.

Years later one risky chance lies before her. To present herself for consideration to become Maddox’s mate, to restore her family’s honor and their standing with the fox shifters. She does not admit that she has another reason—to see Maddox again.

Maddox has a duty to perform—one he hates. He must marry a woman with pure red fox shifter blood in order to lead the Maine clans. None of the eligible foxes tempt him—until he sees his old teenage crush at the party. His split-second decision to leave with her is insanity, but one look into her eyes and he doesn’t care.

It was only supposed to be one night. Yet neither can let go. With each passing day their doomed passion grows. His parents will never allow her to be his choice, yet the more they are together the deeper their bond gets. Maddox has to choose a mate to lead the clans, and it cannot be Dakota.

Will they risk it all for love, or give each other up forever?


Dakota Reveson, all grown-up would make any man’s heart stop. She had more curves than before, and the hard work on their farm showed in the body that had little extra fat. Her skin was colored to a gorgeous fawn. Reminiscent of the deer he romped with in his fox form. Cordelia was better put together with her perfect makeup and accessories that matched her pale complexion and light green eyes. Yet, there was something about Dakota that drew the eye.

He ignored his mother’s frantic signals for his attention and took Dakota’s hand to tuck it into his elbow. Dakota’s lithe body was making his temperature rise and his cock press against his expensive trousers. He eased a hand over his jacket to see if any of his rising excitement was visible. If his parents realized what was happening, they would pry her loose from him, etiquette or no etiquette. Or they would stop politeness and have Gustavo remove her. They had been responsible for banishing the Revesons over a decade earlier, and they were not going to stand for this for long.

“If we were on a firing range, we would already have been pierced by a dozen heat-seeking missiles.” Dakota’s voice was dry when he handed her a second glass of wine. Silas took a fourth but set it down at Maddox’s quelling glance. His brother was a bit wobbly on his feet. Silas was Maddox’s backup if—when—things went sideways, and he couldn’t help if he was blotto.

It wouldn’t be long. The whispering had already started.

“I’m aware. It took incredible courage to come here. It’s nice to see you, Dakota. I’m glad you came.” He didn’t dare say more. Emotion rushed over him with unexpected force. Of all the things that he’d expected from this night, seeing Dakota Reveson would have been far down the list.

Feeling his life had just fallen into place at the sight of her jolted him into full awareness.

“Mom and dad at three o’clock. Gustavo is behind them.” Silas leaned into the two of them. Dakota blinked, her face paling and hands trembling. She was not as easy about the unpleasantness of the evening as her words suggested.

“Head them off, would you, bro?”

Without being aware, he would do it, Maddox trapped Dakota’s hand and propelled her forward. Cordelia never stopped watching them, her mouth widening into an O of horror. The sound in the room dimmed.

“Maddox, what are you doing?” She didn’t resist as he towed her to the back of the house. The hallway was less crowded with partygoers, but they passed a few folks, those who were issued invitations out of politeness and were not members of the inner circle. Then they were heading for the kitchen, where the clatter and bang of pots and dishes reverberated.

“What does it seem like I’m doing?” They entered the kitchen and his desired destination.

The back door.

If he’d had time to think, he might have done something else, but all he could think about right now was getting away from all the pressure and antagonism. There would be hell to pay later, but he couldn’t stand to observe one more disapproving glare.

“Maddox, wait!” Adam Shunokh’s voice held a desperate edge. “Don’t go!”

“Maddox!” His mother’s voice was shrill and piercing. “Come back here!”