Short Stories


Fall of the Minoans

Rise and Fall: Lost Lore and Legends II
Nordic Press 02/21/2022

You think the world is set in stone. Look around how many Romans do you see? Everything that rises must fall.

Take the journey through this collection of short fiction tales about the empires of old. How they rose and how they came crashing down, and what might have caused it. In this drabble collection you will read 100 word stories from some of the brightest indie writers today.

With drabbles by:

T.L. Beeding, Stephen Johnson, Tom Trussel, Shawn M. Klimek, Scarlett Lake, Rhoda Weber Mack, Radar deBoard, Pat O’Neil, p.d.r. lindsay, Nyki Blatchley, Nick Johnson, Nat Whiston, Mike Rhodes, Melody E. McIntyre, McKenzie Richardson, Matt Krizan, Mark Thomas, Jameson Grey, Magnolia Silcox, Maggie D. Brace, Laura Shelton, Lamont Turner, Kim PLasket, Kevin McCarty, Kelsey Clarey, Karen B. Jones, John Mueter, John H Dromey, Jade Wildy, Ingrid Thornquest, Gabrielle Steele, Gabriella Balcom, Farid Shafee, Emma K. Leadley, Destiny Pifer, Deborah Dubas Groom, Dawn De Braal, D.C. Houston, Claire Davon, Christopher T. Dabrowski, Bryan White, Brianna Witte, Brandi Hicks, Blen Mesfin, Anna Pele, Andy Clark, Andrew Kurtz, Andreas Hort, Alexandra Harper, Alanna Robertson-Webb & Abdul-Qaadir Bakari-Muhammad


It all started with the tsunami. Then the cold summers and ruined crops. Their seers speculated that the volcano that erupted on Thera may have caused this, but they could not prove it to the king.