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Imperfect Date

Doggone It!

Imperfect Date
Love & Devotion Author Services, Inc. 02/07/2023

First attraction… Love… Sometimes hate.

These matchmaking authors have sent cupid on a mission. Imperfect dates go awry and bring together some unlikely pairs. From blind dates and insta-love to second chance and brother’s best friend, rivals and the boss to fairy tale spoofs… something to tickle everyone’s funny bone.

Imperfect Date is an anthology featuring USA Today Bestselling Authors and everything you need to make you laugh.

Featured Authors:
Denise Wells
Beth A. Freely
Ember-Raine Winters
JLynn Autumn
Stormy Winds
Victoria J. Hyla
Michelle Fernandez
Rachel Radner
Rayne Elizabeth
Joy Eileen
Gina Ardito
Finley Brown
Skye McNeil
R.J. Castille
Kenzie Rose
Tracy Reed
Michelle Mars
Claire Davon
Artemed Sullivan
Tari Lynn Jewett
Tonya Clark
Naomi Springthorp


She didn’t see the leash until the dog had pulled it taut in front of her. Jennifer pinwheeled, circling her arms to halt her forward momentum, but was too late. That, and the beagle tugging on its own lead had the effect of careening her into the lethal black strap with the force of a hurricane wind.

Or so it appeared to Jennifer.

She went sprawling, her body and brand-new sneakers losing the fight to stay upright.

The impact with the ground sent pain through her knee as she skidded. The dirt and grass stains were going to be impossible to get out of her jeans. She huffed out a breath, the dog park spinning around her from the crash. Belatedly she realized she still held onto Cody’s leash.

“…I’m so sorry. Are you hurt?”

The concerned male voice was warm and deep, sending shivers down her spine. A hand was thrust into her line of sight and she hesitated before placing her dirty, grassy hand into the large palm. Then she was being hauled up, clumps and all.

In front of her was a pair of stunning blue eyes. That went with a face. A face that she had seen in her nightly fantasies.

Jennifer blinked, to determine if the image would clear. Cody chose that instant to trot back over and sniff at her before licking her sneakers.

The blue eyes were matched by a face that was attractive in that subtle way of a man who had never been the most handsome guy in class, but in the upper part of the middle.

He’d also been the boyfriend of her neighbor. The neighbor was gone, but she’d left her snarkiness behind as a special present to Jennifer as she retreated. Warning her off Gavin was a final, parting shot.


Gavin, the aforementioned neighbor boyfriend, dusted off her torso, dirt flying off her shirt as he did so. She just continued to stare at him, thunderstruck.

Was he still with whatshername?

Why did she care?