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Dark Celebration

Devil’s in the Eggs (plus three more)

Dark Celebration
Macabre Ladies 09/15/2020

From evil bunnies to killer leprauchauns, or Taco Tuesday gone wrong, Dark Celebration has it all. This is a macabre collection of mixed holiday horror sure to keep you on your toes with your eyes open all night.

With stories from over thirty authors including Eleanor Merry, Natasha Sinclair, David Green, Jason Myers, Dawn DeBraal, Chris Miller, Alanna Robertson-Webb, Gary McDonough, Todd Love , Cassandra Angler, Ruthann Jagge, Angela Glover, Wendy Cheairs, Josh A. Murphy, John Adams, Shawn M. Klimek, Scott McGregor, Charlotte O’Farrell, Tina Merry, Kevin J. Kennedy, Brian J Smith, Nicole Henning, Lance Dale, M. Ennenbach, Leon Sluyter, N.M Brown, David Bowmore, Vic Kerry, P.J Blakey-Novis, Meera Dandekar, David Simms, Rachael Boucker, Diane Arrelle, Claire Davon, Marina Schnierer, Benjamin Chadwick, Cher Finver, Beluah Vega, Surina Venkat, Galina Trefil, Joshua E. Borgmann, Charles Welch, Sydney Jones and J.A. Skelton

Dark Celebration is book 4 in the holiday horror collection

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From The Devils in the Eggs:

“Honey, what did you do to the deviled eggs?”

I was hanging the crepe paper when Rene spoke and I ignored him for several moments, making sure the streamers were draped just so. When I realized he’d said nothing further I turned back to him.

“Do to them? Nothing. Are they okay? Did I forget to cover them or something?” My mind pulsed with all the things I had to do. The event was three short hours away and my list was still miles long. I would never get done in time.

The party was his stupid idea anyway. It’s Deviled Eggs Day. Let’s do it right.